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TWIBS-08:Google Gone Wrong

October 8, 2009

This week in BS, we go over lot’s of stuff, but worst of all, we talk about how Google is making mistake after mistake, with that being said, I’m still a fanboy.

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Show notes:

iPhone MMS live

Google turns 11:

Flickr in flames:

Sell things on twitter:

RMS VS. De Icasa

Microsoft  to get people to use IE by giving away food:

HTML5 on IE8:

Though shalt not build custom builds of Android:

Google brakes net neutrality:

Google Wave, the wave of the future, or a bunch of over-hyped people?

Ubuntu 9.10 Beta released.


TWIBS-07:GET LOST in a Book

October 2, 2009

This Week in BS, we scramble around for material, and get distracted too much with our stats, and other fun scifi stuff. I’d say more, but I’ll let you listen to it for yourself, this week on twibs.

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Wii Cuts Price to $200

Netbook OS on Desktops

Hotmail get’s new VoIP engine

New Sun Activity

DropBox gets 2 million users

Google’s new powerful search tool

Ubuntu 10.04 release schedule has been announced

Google Crapware, ripping off youtube comments

SGU on hulu


Google, the evil empire

Apple, given the go-ahead to make iTunes into an even larger piece of bloated crapware.

Banned Books week