TWIBS:07-Cooking with Yvonniva

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In this, our seventh episode of TWIBS, we go over a lot of news, two weeks worth in fact. We contemplate over the future of the show, and desperatly look for a new co-host to replace Jesse. We go over more problems of companies, and provide what we believe they should do. Finally, Leif is determined to be a hippy. This week, on TWIBS.

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Leif’s Twitter feed:

Jesse’s Twitter feed:

Google releases bomb on Apple:

Facebook as a rescue platform:

Facebook makes you smarter, while twitter makes you more dumb:

iPod Touch with camera:

Monopoly with Google Maps:

Facebook with @replies:

Don’t copy that floppy 2:

Is text messaging too expensive:,8599,1921373,00.html?iid=digg_share

Twitter changes it ToS:

Internet Archive Vs. Google:

Floating Mice:

Windows 7 sins:

More Microsoft BS:

Apple Open Sources Grant Central Dispatch:

More information on the Ubuntu App Store:

Nice FreindFeed feature, post a message as anyone:

Facbook light released:

Google Super-sizes it’s search box:

Skype getting even more closed:

Utah Open Source Conference 2009, this October:

SyFy is to air cooking shows:;main


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