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TWIBS:07-Cooking with Yvonniva

September 24, 2009

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In this, our seventh episode of TWIBS, we go over a lot of news, two weeks worth in fact. We contemplate over the future of the show, and desperatly look for a new co-host to replace Jesse. We go over more problems of companies, and provide what we believe they should do. Finally, Leif is determined to be a hippy. This week, on TWIBS.

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Google releases bomb on Apple:

Facebook as a rescue platform:

Facebook makes you smarter, while twitter makes you more dumb:

iPod Touch with camera:

Monopoly with Google Maps:

Facebook with @replies:

Don’t copy that floppy 2:

Is text messaging too expensive:,8599,1921373,00.html?iid=digg_share

Twitter changes it ToS:

Internet Archive Vs. Google:

Floating Mice:

Windows 7 sins:

More Microsoft BS:

Apple Open Sources Grant Central Dispatch:

More information on the Ubuntu App Store:

Nice FreindFeed feature, post a message as anyone:

Facbook light released:

Google Super-sizes it’s search box:

Skype getting even more closed:

Utah Open Source Conference 2009, this October:

SyFy is to air cooking shows:;main


TWIBS06-I Pwn Your Soul

September 7, 2009

This week on TWIBS, we have our longest episode ever. We talk about our busy lives, and the soon leaving that Jesse will take. We go over more soul ownage, and talk about the evils of facebook.

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Youtube to offer PPV movies?:

Code for Chrome OS found:

Ebay Sells Skype:

Facebook knows where you are:

Google Revamps google docs to take surveys:

Who is more important, actual news, or the onion?:

What do facebook quizzes know about you?:

Brown Outsources email:

Only 13% of wikipedia contributors are women:

Java Blender Port:

Control JavaScript:

Amazon gives 1984 back: