TWIBS – 03: My Cat Named Lunch

This week in BS, we begin our third episode, making this the second longest running show on this currently unnamed network. We go over seven gut wrenching, poo brown, news stories, and comment on some of your listener feedback. We abandon ship half way through, and get attacked by massively small fist sized cats, and realize our fail. All this week, in BS.

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Hacker’s take down facebook, twitter, and other services, in an attempt to attack a Professor from the Republic of Georgia:

Hackers have hacked US Voting Machines

Facebook buys friendfeed, and makes facebook light:

More texting while driving:

Google Vs. Microsoft in email:,8599,1915112,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

FLDS man, Allen G. Steed, tries to get Jeffs out of prison:

Google releases Google Opt-out:

Listener Feedback:

“You know New Jersey also has the highest graduation rate and second highest money spent per student in the US (where utah ranks 50th lol). Surprisingly though Utah makes the top 10 or 15 in graduation rates. I am totally pro-nuclear! Sure we should make as much energy as we can by hydro, solar, thermal, etc… but we are totally ignoring nuclear because it is supposedly too dangerous? Wonder if NJ gets a lot of it’s money for school from nuclear energy? Nice research question for anyone who gets board ;)”


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